Rolv Fatland


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About Me

3 years of basic art education, and half a lifetime of individual study and learning within the fields of digital design, digital photo and digital illustration, as well as traditional illustration and classical painting.

I was employed in an advertising agency while younger, and later ran an independent freelance business in the norwegian capitol. Lately I have been a part time freelancer/hobbyist located on the norwegian south coast.

I love art new and old, commercial and non commercial. There's an inborn curiosity within me that drives me to explore new areas of artistic expression.

Added interests; ideology, theraphy, jazz guitar and teaching.

I take commissions.



Nestlé, Findus, Cappelen, Fagbokforlaget, Egmont, MFT, Orion, Trygg Trafikk, HEP, Kunnskapsforlaget, Direkteforlaget, Stand By, Luther, Merck, Danfoss, Panasonic, Saint Gobain, Vestfold fylkeskommune, Aker.


Name: Rolv Fatland
Business: Fatland Visualisering (Favi)
Location: The norwegian south coast (Arendal area) profile:favi007 norwegian homepage
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